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by Benko

Les chiens ont l’estomac sensible et nous recommandons toujours la modération lors de la première introduction d’une nouvelle friandise dans leur alimentation.

Surveillez votre chien lorsqu'il savoure sa mastication : si des morceaux se cassent, retirez-les immédiatement. Si votre chien essaie d’avaler de gros morceaux, retirez l’os.

Une mastication agressive sur un os dur peut potentiellement entraîner des dommages dentaires. Des examens dentaires et des consultations vétérinaires réguliers peuvent aider à identifier et à prévenir les problèmes.


Dog’s have sensitive stomachs, and we always recommend moderation when first introducing a new treat to their diet.

Supervise your dog when enjoying their chew—if any pieces break off, remove them immediately. If your dog tries to swallow large pieces, take the bone away.

Aggressive chewing on a hard bone can potentially lead to dental damage. Regular dental check-ups and veterinary consultations can help identify and prevent issues.

We care about your Pet.

Quality Above All: We meticulously select our products with the well-being of your pets in mind. From nutritious food to engaging toys and comfortable accessories, rest assured that every item on our shelves meets our high standards of quality and safety.


When you buy from NutriK9plus, you support a small, family-run business that prioritizes pet health and positive customer interactions, and that supports local charities and community organizations. Above all, it makes you a part of our family.

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