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The Wagon Coop

by PDV

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The Wagon

Whether you have a commercial farm, a vast land or a small hobby farm, the Wagon coop is the perfect home for your hens. Built on wheels it is easily moveable with a tractor. This model is 16’ x 8’ including 6 nesting boxes along with 6 vent traps, 6 skylights on the largest walls, a 6’ door, a guillotine hen’s door, and the whole with 4 beautiful sliding windows.

Here are the specifications of the wagon coop in the pictures:

  • Hay wagon 16’ x 8’
  • 6 nesting boxes
  • 6 vent traps
  • 6 decorative windows on the larges walls
  • 6’ door
  • Guillotine hen’s door
  • 4 sliding windows
  • 2 perchs
  • Plywood on the ceiling
  • Cornices closed with meshing
  • Gabled roof Metal sheet roof
  • 2’’ x 4’’ structure
  • Board and batten siding

House up to 50 hens and more!

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