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Precision Cargo Kennel


The Precision Pet Cargo Kennel is the perfect solution for dogs on the go. The Cargo Kennel combines the best of fashion & function....tough, durable, safe, convenient, comfortable, & stylish! Secure & safe with spring-locking door latches & locking side latches. E-coated wire on door. Generous windows on all four sides supply added ventilation & view for your pet. Crafted from sturdy ABS plastic, the Precision Pet Cargo Kennel features top & bottom nesting shells for easy storage, ventilation on all four sides, a spring-locking latch door, locking side latches, as well as a reversible door for left or right-hand use.

Meets international airline requirements. Crafted from sturdy ABS plastic, Top and bottom nesting shells for easy storage, Ventilated on All Four Sides for Maximum Airflow for your Pet. Spring-locking door latches, reversible door for right and left hand use, E-coated wire doors and windows.

The 100, 200 and 300 models come with vented window openings. The 400 and 500 sizes feature wire covered window openings.

We care about your Pet.

Quality Above All: We meticulously select our products with the well-being of your pets in mind. From nutritious food to engaging toys and comfortable accessories, rest assured that every item on our shelves meets our high standards of quality and safety.


When you buy from NutriK9plus, you support a small, family-run business that prioritizes pet health and positive customer interactions, and that supports local charities and community organizations. Above all, it makes you a part of our family.

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