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Protective collar


Our Vet Worthy® protective collar will keep your dog from aggravating a healing wound. This is a safe way to take care of your dog and keep them from licking or biting an area that needs proper time to heal. The transparent material lets your dog maintain peripheral vision and the adjustable snaps ensure a secure fit.


The protective collar has double-lock snaps on one side of the protective collar. Secure the protective collar snugly around your dog's neck, but not tight enough to choke them. Line up the snaps to the corresponding holes on the opposite side of the protective collar and press together.


  • Start at one end of the protective collar. Position two fingers under the snap and the hole
  • Firmly support the protective collar from below
  • Push down on one end of the snap
  • Repeat the procedure for both ends of the snap

To secure the protective collar on your dog, rotate the protective collar to position the snaps at the back of your dog's head. After the snaps are secured, attach the protective collar. Attach the protective collar to your dog's regular collar with soft gauze or string. The protective collar should extend beyond the length of your dog's nose.


Collar Size Fits Neck Size:
Small 5.75" to 9.5" Circumference
Medium 7.25" to 12.25" Circumference
Large 9.5" to 15.5" Circumference
X-Large 12.25" to 21" Circumference
XX-Large 15.25" to 25.0" Circumference


Be sure to carefully monitor your dog for the first several hours of use to ensure they have become used to wearing the protective collar without showing signs of being distraught or agitated. Inspect and clean the protective collar on a daily basis. Discard the protective collar if there is any damage, chipping, cracking or if any part becomes loose or detached.

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