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The Mason Coop

by PDV

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The "Mason" chicken coop features a large 6' x 6' coop and a beautiful gabled roof design. This model offers the possibility of having an enclosure custom-built to the size that you need, due to its modular construction. The standard dimension of the enclosure is 8' x 6' + room under the henhouse, for a total of 94 square feet.

  • Chicken coop measure 6 ft x 6 ft as well as 2 nests of measuring 5 ft x 10"
  • The standard enclosure measures 8' x 6' + the space under the coop (6' x 6')
  • Window on the front door with plexiglass.
  • Two perches.
  • Large 40'' door at the front as well as a door at the back (leading into the enclosure)
  • 5 ventilation hatches
  • Plywood on the ceiling to keep the heat in in winter
  • Plexiglass can also be added to the floor (Additional fee of $249.95 + tx.)

House 10-50 hens!

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