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Turfline Waterless


Lawn grass needing less water - now with Accelerator coating

Water Less is less dependent on irrigation. The mixture contains grasses with naturally deep roots for better access to moisture deep in the soil after establishment. This is also the reason for its high drought tolerance and why it stays green during longer periods of drought. The new improved Water Less mixture contains Accelerator coated seeds. The Accelerator coating activates seed germination, and the treatment ensures a better utilisation of water in the soil while germinating. Actually the seeds need 1/3 less water during their first phases of establishment. The mixture it is hard-wearing and dense and has good recovery after wear and damage. 

Deep rooting maximises water uptake

The mixture has a fair share of the species tall fescue, is characterized by forming the deepest root structure of all lawn grasses. The deep root system encourages water uptake from a large soil volume and assures the grass an adequate water supply in dry periods where other lawn grasses may go dormant. Deep roots also offers a better access to nutrients for the plants to grow in a healthy and persistent manner.

Enjoy the greenest lawn during drought

A normal lawn becomes dormant and becomes a dull yellow during drought period unless irrigated. With Turfline® Water Less you are better prepared for dry spells. The lawn  stays green for a long drought period without irrigation. Even after an extended drought period the grass is fast to recover due to the mixture component Smooth-stalked meadow-grass which forms underground rhizomes from where new shoots develop and spread.

Establishment is the key-point

The Accelerator treatment encourages a fast establishment of new lawn grass seeds. This minimized risk of weed invasion in the early days of new lawn establishment. The well-established, dense and vital lawn leaves little room for weed to develop. 
If over sown into mature lawn the less drought tolerant species will over time gradually disappear and the lawn will be taken over by the drought tolerant grasses that thrive in dry and warm environment. This transition period can be short or long, depending on the climate, but Turfline® Water Less will always offer the very best cover of fresh, green and soft grass - ready for pleasure and relaxation. 


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