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Tick Removal


The AtlanTick Repellent Products Tick Kit is your all-in-one solution for tick removal and comfort. This comprehensive kit includes:

  • Two Tick Pick Removers (in small and large sizes),
  • Tick Tweezers,
  • Tick ID Card,
  • Magnifying Glass,
  • Adhesive Bandages,
  • Alcohol Swabs,
  • Latex Gloves,
  • One Vial for storing the tick,
  • Sticky Roller for capturing small and hard-to-see ticks, 
  • A pack of our highly effective AtlanTick Comfort Patches.

Be prepared and equipped with everything you need with the AtlanTick Tick Kit.

Perfect for All Kinds of Pets: The AtlanTick Tick Kit includes tools that are perfect for protecting your 4 legged friends BEFORE ticks become a problem for them, including a Sticky Lint Roller to capture hard to see ticks. 

NEVER TWIST A TICK! You will have everything you need for safely removing ticks without twisting. Just grab with the tick tool provided and slowly pry out.

Portability:  Attach it to your backpack, store it in your glove box, or keep it in your home. This kit is designed to be your go-to solution for managing any tick-related issues.

Safe, Clean & Reusable: After every use, simply put the tick tool under running water to clean and use alcohol to sanitize, and store back in the original case after drying.

Outdoor & Travel Enthusiasts: Great use for outdoor enthusiasts with pets and/or kids. Light weight, stored in a portable bag, and can be attached anywhere on your backpack, trailers, purses, luggage, travel bags. Comes very handy for camping, hiking, and even daily walks. 

Reduce Risk of Tick Disease Infections: Having the AtlanTick Tick Kit nearby can help you promptly respond to tick bites and minimize the risk of infection. 

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